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directed by=Bhaskar Dhungana / Genre=Comedy / actor=Bipana Basnet / Chinmaya Suberdani, the powerful matriarch of a sleepy village in Nepal, is preparing for her son's wedding when Suntali returns with a menacing foreigner in tow. Suntali befriends the village tailor, rekindles a relationship with Chinmaya's son Sundar, and armed with great resolve and sharp cunning Suntali deftly spins a web of deception, building up her vengeance against Chinmaya by getting the village men to do her bidding. As we find out why Suntali wants revenge, Chinmaya also wises up to Suntali's plot and initiates her own plan to destroy Suntali. Their feud will leave the hearts and minds of half of the village devastated, because only one of them will win / Score=20 votes

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5 of 10 star / Hong Kong / Release year - 2016 / casts - Yousef Erakat, Cassi Davis / Tyler Perry

W𝛊𝞃Ћ𝝄ựt SᎥģหi𝖓ᶃ U𝜌 Movie Watch Une fois comme jamais

France / creator=Celine Pouillon / Duration=78 minutes

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user rating - 6,6 of 10 stars
reviews - Pekak is a movie starring Zahiril Adzim, Amerul Affendi, and Sharifah Amani. Adapted loosely from Romeo and Juliet, Pekak is a story about a deaf drug pusher Uda whose dream is to get a cochlear implant so that he can finally hear
Release Year - 2015
86 vote

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Country - Australia
9 minutes
Kaarin Fairfax

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Reed Morano Synopsis: A year after their son goes missing, a couple handle the loss in varying ways, growing apart from one another and their reality Casts: Olivia Wilde release date: 2015 country: USA

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Directed by=Ulrike Ottinger / Country=Germany / Documentary / creators=Adelbert von Chamisso / Actors=Burghart Klaußner

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Runtime 1 H 44Min

Year 2013

Country France

genres Family

Rating 3741 votes

Lempire des Rastelli Watch Italy Part 1 english subtitle cast Sarah Felberbaum

1003 vote tomatometers: 7,5 / 10 Country: Italy Year: 2011 genre: Drama

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release date - 2015 / Country - Spain / writer - Juan Antonio Moreno Amador, Silvia Venegas Venegas / cast - Sabir Sharifi / Description - Boxing for Freedom is a movie starring Sadaf Rahimi, Salima Rahimi, and Shabnam Rahimi. The young Sadaf Rahimi is the best female boxer in Afghanistan, but she must deal with her country's traditions, fear and her own fate in order

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year: 2015; Genre: Documentary; 51minutes; Liked it: 19 votes; USA

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Based on true incidents , Referred as the most violent Indian movie of the year Eka is first Indian movie to discuss the Intersex gender, person born with both male and female genitals. The movie is banned in India because of nudity, violence and political sensitivity. The movie is a queer subject as it also deals with atrocities against transgenders, transsexuals, LGBT and all gender minorities. In India due to article 377 of penal code gender minorities are facing a huge social problem. Eka is the story of an intersex persons bike journey through three states of India with her female friend. This is of course, not the story of the them. This is the story of the society which cant accept them. It is the war of a society to itself, so it got banned The movie discuss wide range of LGBT politics and body politics. Surely , a tough to watch movie, with strong socio-political stand

duration=1h, 50 Minutes

creators=Prince John

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  • user Rating: 8,4 / 10 stars
  • directed by: Linton Besser
  • runtime: 41Minute
  • Audience Score: 11 vote
  • Summary: The Billion Dollar Bust is a movie starring Linton Besser and Altaf Khanani. The Five Eyes intelligence community work together to capture the world's most wanted money launderer

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genres=Documentary. tomatometer=6,5 of 10. Directors=Robert Lemelson. 2014. audience score=19 Vote

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genre=Drama. writed by=Bomani J. Story. directed by=Trevor Stevens. 2018. Tom McLoughlin