When I first heard of a Zombieland TV show, I was extremely excited. But when I started watching I noticed the cast was different than the movie. And I know that the original cast would require a higher salary than this show could provide, but it still bugged me. I felt that at some parts of the pilot were funny, but others were just painful. The love story between Columbus and Witchita that brewed in the movie suddenly just disappeared in this show, and seemed inconsistent with the movie's story line. There was one part of the show that bugged me to the limit, was the guide (like Siri/GPS that was human) talking to the group as they drove through their zombie invested world. I didn't understand how she was guiding them or how they were talking to each other! It didn't make any sense. And how did she know where everything was? I mean electricity is shut down, so there would be no possible way of communicating with other survivors (especially ones that you haven't even met. I will keep watching the show, but it is just a few things that don't make sense. I will give it a 6/10 and a 62/100.

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