I think it was a good move of disney to use fob's songs personally. 2:20 When you realize the trailer spoiled the movie and you didn't even see it. I wish Madi could've gone to school. I wish Octavia could have 😭😭😭. Kisah macam kisah dulu2 tapi ada spinner dengan fon haha. Didn't have high expectations with this movie but when I watched it I was pleasantly surprised. Personally one of my favourite Disney films. Going to see it again! <3. Similiarly Like these guys I told my friends that this movie will be awesome and they made fun of me and they regret it. For crying out loud, this kid looks like his balls haven't dropped yet, but his voice sounds like a grown man's. It's hard to believe that it was a year ago when I was logging onto YouTube every night to see if Disney uploaded another trailer. Big Hero 6 is a brilliant, beautiful film and it means so much to me. I've never been able to relate to a character's feelings before, like I did with Hiro's. I wish it would get more recognition.

Where is Frank Underwood. 😜 Not the same without him... 🙄

I really like the graphic... Good job.  Keep Moving Forward. OMG THIS LOOKS SIIIIIICK. Der beste Film! ❤️ masallah ihr habt sehr viel herzblut in den film gesteckt und damit auch sehr viele herzen berührt, möge euch das leben belohnen ❤️. Good to see Ryan Gosling being casted in a non-budget movie. Loved his work since drive, and I seriously think he isn't given credit for his talent. Lol my favorite part was when the desk boy comes to greet them and hear their application.'that's REALLY cool. that is SO cool. but uhh, you guys are under the capital requirements for an ISDA.' by how much? uh... how mu... 1 billion 470 million so, a lot. this makes us look bad doesn't it, that we didn't know what the capital requirements were? ummm... it's not great... but uh... keep up those returns and give us a call way down the line yano? okay? okay! have a good one guys...

What do you mean all your loans?   I have 5 a condo ROFLMAO. Using Friction by Imagine Dragons in this trailer made it 10000% better. How fitting that this movie is released 10 years after Inception.

An awsome movie with an awsome band doing the soundtrack

Best ACTION game Ever! I'm seriouse. FALL OUT BOY. Cards came crashing down without Mr Underwood in it. I'm Like An A Adult and i'm gonna watch this movie. Gravity crush falling hard. Grounders 2.0.