Just like 9/11, do it yourself and then blame it on others. US, oh US. You think the world is fool. Neighborhood Watch Program - Los Angeles Police Department. Rick Perry thinks Uranium is an oil company since he'll be enriching it in the Department of Energy. Bamford Watch Department, MR PORTER. FBI, ICE And Dept Of Education IG Investigating Ilhan Omar For. Sign up to receive FREE breaking news alerts from State Department Watch and our. Breaking News Donate About Us Patriot Store.

Lol 😂👎🏿👎🏿 this is a joke that's what the American presidents do when they trying to stay in office start some War for no reason. Watches & Wristwatches, Christie's. Warrens is estimated at 34 trillion. Bernie will not say how much his will cost for health care for all, the number is just so high per Bernie. The talking heads have estimated his would be 53 trillion. Both numbers are for 10 years. Numbers may not bother some people, it scares me to leave my grands with that kind of debt.

After reading this book I was thinking what nearly headless nick said about people who don't want to be ghost. If you can do a video about this because I think might be other people who want to know about GHOSTS. The economy is going to tank it always does in war trump's war trump's economy for the rich did anyone really see the huge change trump promised? i did my income was eaten up by high prices outrageous rent my meds. cost 300 bucks more a 18 months ago war poverty that's where we are headed because of trump's reckless decisions and criminal acts against america and how many lives has he endangered congress will be the ones to fund trump's war out of your pocket if we let them remove trump is the first step to maybe advert war and give them trump he's nothing but a traitor to all america.

I'm liking the feeling this song is giving me a LOT.


I never realized how stupid Rick Perry is. You forgot to mention that EVERY Trump appointment is a person dedicated to the nullification and dissolution of the departments they head.

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