Black Hat



I'm just going to watch it for Leehom Wang <3. Will definitely watch this. Dig time travel movies. OMG YYAYYY FINALLY. WOW MAN! That was friigin good...

A computer geek that works out?  What will they think of next

So Thor must have had to get a job when he came to earth to live with Jane... I guess this is it huh. They're also make scenes at Malaysia! My hometown. Can't wait to watch it! I'm also a big fan of Chris Hemsworth. Whoa Lee hom and Chris in hk sooo excited. Kasi lemmons is so fine. 0:56 Come on team lets get those fucktards lel i know that they didnt said that but lel. This looks good. But to play devil's advocate on the casting choice here. Dudes who look like that guy don't spend years staying inside, they don't spend years on a computer. In short, they don't become hackers. They get out, they have friends, they get laid. And they get laid a lot. I know it's just a movie, but when watching the trailer you just can't help but laugh when the voice over describes Hemsworth as a super genius, a mensa type recluse, one of the world's most dangerous hackers - all while doing push-ups in his cell. imagining him in this role will certainly take a suspension of disbelief on this viewer's part. But that said, it is a Michael Mann film, so I'm sure it will be excellent, or at least excellent in parts, so I'll definitely watch. even if I will be laughing a bit on the inside.

I think i just saw the whole movie :o can't wait to watch it tho.

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At Black Hat, a Google security researcher details numerous bugs in iMessage that could be exploited remotely without interaction from the victim. Read More > Bogus Satellite Nav Signals Send. Black hat - Idioms by The Free Dictionary.