A Game of Honor




Best FPS i played i fucking love you MEDAL OF HONOR The last mission is awesome and it easy to finish. Great game! The gameplay is one of the best ever. Official website. เกมดีที่สุดของที่สุด. Game of Honor, A (2011)
. 1/2 (out of 4)
Extremely entertaining documentary taking a look at the rival football game between Army and Navy. Most sports documentaries might dig into the history of the rival, the fans hatred of each other or some sort of other events but this one here is quite different because the players themselves are different. We see the full 2011 season for the two squads but the football stuff is actually the least interesting bit. What makes the film worth watching is the behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to play football at these places. Not only do they have to train to play football but they are also full-time students, training for deployment and of course knowing that their five years after graduation will possibly put them into a war zone. I really found the entire movie to be entertaining and even though it runs nearly two-hours I didn't want to see it come to an end. When you think of the college life it's certainly not what you see here and it's rather incredible what these young men and women must go through. During one of the halftime locker rooms, an Army players refers to San Diego State saying that in the summer their players are sitting around playing war video games while the Army men are actually doing the stuff. The documentary does a terrific job at showing how football is probably the least important thing to these students but it all comes down to that one game at the end of the year. For those three hour the two sides are enemies but after that they are going to be fighting and dying for each other. This is certainly a very good film that will hopefully draw an audience.

Every time I hear the wordsArmy, Navy I get goosebumps because I love the Naval Academy and I wish I could go but I can't.











A Game of Honor
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A Game of Honor