Lil Bibby - I'm Rolling (Remix) Lyrics, Genius Lyrics. You Keep 'em Heads Rollin. (Video 2017. Company credits. On my left, niggaz be rollin with the ruckus Ready to get deep bust rounds upon some suckaz Heard PPP and LOD is a bunch of crazy motherfuckers Journey to the land is on The winner of the spittin bomb marathon The f*ck you up lyrathon, whatever you choose prepare to lose that title Turnin vital situations suicidal, my idols, is my Uncles who. Sup guys/girls my episode one 'Keep em Rollin' is finally out so if you could like, comment, and sub to my new channel would mean alot. And hope you enjoy my episode i have a mixture of new and.


Hollywood Undead - Pimpin' Lyrics.