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Que empolgante, um filme sobre o drama de uma senhora de classe alta que não quer vender sua casa! Financiado com impostos tirados de um povo que mal tem o que comer! Estrelado por atores globais que atuam igual robôs! Mal posso esperar pra assistir. *Female voice in the background. “We lost objective Butter” Jesus! Ive never got thins many likes, the most Ive gotten was 7.


Looks awesome, anything to do with 1st and 2nd World Wars grabs my interest straight away and with Sam Mendes directing its a winner. Ahhh amo a Sonia! Enorme figura de la patria grande! te adoro, mujer. Segredos da fonte por trás daqueles cartões de da App Store. Um texto muito legal sobre o poder do Mercado Livre no e-commerce. O Dave Desandro, que fez o Flickity que a gente usa e um dos melhores plugins de carrossel disponíveis, lançou o Infinite Scro. My best regards to Sonia and Kleber. 💐. Que vergonha desse povo que nunca se interessou por cinema, e agora acha que é crítico. O filme é maravilhoso <3.

“Weve taken objective Charlie”

Aquele filme Mexicano Roma que ganhou 3 Oscar é uma merda perto dessa obra prima

Backup dos posts de Nicholas Almeida de Ago 2016 a Ago 2017. I think lucasculler has given a very nice review, so I'm only going to fill the details out a bit.
First of all, the SAchurmann family are legendary in Brazil for their very unusual lifestyle and exploits, which they thankfully documented in other films. The life of Kat was a detail I was unaware of till I saw this film.
It begins with her future parents meeting in what is probably Belém, on the Amazon. The attraction is mutual (who wouldn't fall in love with the delightful Maria Belo. they start a relationship, Robert dreams of taking her around the world on a yacht and raising a family on the way - exactly as the Schurmanns actually did.
But his mother is a possessive and manipulative dragon - the biggest reason he fled his NZ home in the first place. And she works on his love for his father, whose health is in serious decline. So he abruptly decides to turn his back on Belém and head home. Jeanne is perturbed at ther shattering of her own dreams and goes out trying to get her head sorted out. Robert takes a last look at their photo together, realizes the huge mistake he is making and rushes out to look for her. He is just in time to see her step out of the way of a motorbike only to be run down by a truck, and get her to the hospital.
Jeanne survives, they stay together and he does take her by yacht to NZ to visit the family, where they meat the Schurmanns and she gives birth to Kat.
This story has been interlaced with the story of Kat growing up as a member of the Schurmann family, so we have obviously been wondering how that came about. And now we find out and the enormity of the tragedy unfolds.
As a result of the accident, Jeanne had lost a lot of blood and needed transfusions. And some of that blood was contaminated with HIV. But they didn't find out about that till Jeanne went into rapid deterioration following the birth of Kat. She died and Robert discovered he and Kat were both affected. It was a terrible time, as he lost his father around then too.
So before he died he arranged for the Schurmanns, who he liked and admired, to adopt Kat after he was gone and give her the best possible life for as long as it lasted.
His bitter mother, having lost her husband and son, fought tooth and nail to keep her granddaughter, but by then the audience could already see what a disaster that would've been for Kat. It came as a relief that, as everything had been done honestly and legally, there was nothing she could do except be grateful the Schurmanns were willing to let her participate in Kat's life.
A possibly controversial aspect is that, on the grounds of giving her as stimulating a life as possible, nobody told Kat about her HIV and it was only when she became suspicious about her reduced size, health problems and medicines she was taking that she did some internet investigating of her own.
Kat lived to pass 14 and we can only hope she had as wonderful a life as was feasibly possible under the circumstances. She certainly had a profound effect on others and it is a very moving moment at the end when her adoptive mother and biological grandmother hold hands in shared grief at her passing. I believe that, though this film, a lot more people are going to be affected by Kat's life.

Por que o filme tem indicação de idade de 18 anos. INTERESSANTÍSSIMO. This is “Saving Brother Ryan”. O trailer já é chato imagina o filme. Tomara que a namorada não insista kkk O cara do adorocinema deu 5 estrelas, e o povo 2,5. Nem vejo mais criticas desses caras, só a média do público mesmo. Cara filme é feito pra entreter, se quer pensar abra um livro, não perca tempo vendo filme. Ps: Sou doutorando em economia. E a história, nossa. Quer morar em um lugar que não exista progresso se muda pra sítio. Aqui perto da minha cidade tem um monte a venda. E ainda concorrer ao oscar. Vai ganhar sim, framboesa de ouro.

For anyone that doesnt know, this film is going to be done in one take like Birdman

Hope is a dangerous thing. Doctor Stranger 2019. Hoje. do repiou. “We are losing objective Butter”. Não vou dar like,nem dislike,só não vou assistir porque o elenco se posicionou contra o impeachment de Dilma que foi corrormpida pelo criminoso Lula.

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