Iαν ΜακΚέλεν: Ρόλος Ζωής


Reminds me of the story of the guy who climbed up the drain pipe multiple times and stole some wine as well as eating chips and sitting on the throne. He was finally caught when he snuck into the Queen's bedroom. It's a miracle he wasn't there to kill her or he would have been able to as the silent alarm malfunctioned. I JUST LOVE SIR IAN <3. İ love Hugh Jackmans reaction 😅😀 it was so cute😜☺️.


I love Maggie Smith. even when somebody else is doing an impression of her, she still somehow shines through. lol. It's Dame Maggie Smith. I found rude the fact that you referred to Sir Ian as Sir but Dame Smith was just Maggie.

I was expecting him to yell: BILBO BAGGINS

Sir Ian taking his rightful place as Queen ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. Absolutely precious, Sir Ian is such a personality. One of the favourite guests. And this is easily becoming one of the best episodes ever. This is hands down my favorite anecdote ever. YOU SHALL NOT PASS. IS THAT MAN GETTING YOUNGER. I love him. he is the best. Mcgonagall think Gandalf a conjurer of cheap tricks. Hilarious.


These stories. better than most movies <3 so beautiful, fun and honest - I love seeing him have fun. I think he sees the world is soo uptight these days... Ian Thank you. I am watching this clip religiously, every single day #guilty. Look at Hugh he is like little boy hearing a story from his grandalf. Sir Ian and Dame Judi - two treasures. For the longest time I thought he was the guy who played dumbledore.