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2040: Star Wars: Revenge of the DEW IT.
Best movie winter 2019.
Sand: Rey: Im about to slide down this mans whole slope.

Kevin Hart makes this movie comedy lvl top

I realized just now that Donnie Yen's starring in this as the commander of the army. It's thrilling to see him again after he wrapped up the Ip Man series with the finale on Christmas Day. Hopefully, the rest of next year and just the decade in general's gonna be promising for his career! 👏.
This was Anakin Skywalkers story, they should kept the scene they shot with Hayden, that alone would of made us have a happy memory from this film at least. We feel betrayed.

A twisty solid drama from HBO. I enjoyed the acting especially and noticed how Soderbergh's strong touch really helped elevate this show. Everyone: Where is mushu Me: At least Rick can have his szechuan sauce. The Rock playing as the one and only Danny DeVito? Yes please. I want a new ending to the movie where Rey wakes up and its right after the events of TLJ. So far I am sadly not impressed, as the trailer made it seem really good. About the murder of a celebrated children's book writer and the subsequent investigation and fallout for the people that surrounded her. But this first episode did not intrigue me and I don't really feel like watching the rest of the series, like I so often do with the majority of HBO shows. Something about this first episode just really seemed underwhelming, with way too much seemingly meaningless conversations. It didn't grab my attention by the throat like Westworld, Game of Thrones, and many others, so I must sadly say I am disappointing.
I had no problem with the acting, most every actor did a fine job and I have no real issues. But the writing was just boring, to me at least. I found myself uninterested in what the characters had to say and often wanted the conversation to end. The cinematography is very average and the visuals were pretty bland, shocking coming from HBO. With so many other shows coming to HBO soon I don't feel like this is a slap in the face, but I will most likely not be watching this whole series.
Sorry, can't recommend it.

So now Jack Black is basically a dude playin' a dude disguised as another dude. I will miss the original four playing their original game characters, but Danny DeVito and Danny Glover took over this movie. Damn, the reflection instrumental is so damn powerful and I'm crying 😭. 1:03 this scene always got me. Banderas looks a hell of a lot like Tommy Bolin in this. 2019: The Saga Ends 2020: The Phantom Returns and Strikes A New Clone and Awakens the Revenge of the Last Skywalker. 1:44 he's like welcome to Jumanji I'm like NOOOOO. I can't imagine that old man being the Rock lmao.

Keep your fingers crossed Palpatine says “Dew it” at least once in the movie

Anyone else watched I'll make a man out of you after seeing this. Nobody: 9 year olds:Hey that's the stormtrooper skin from Fortnite. “Its that stupid face you make... ”.