It is a movie that on the backdrop of a seemingly banal and predictable story, depicts contradictory ideas, almost surrealist frames and very expressive characters. It is the seal of Carlo Fusco, I guess. And... funny as well. The signature of Carlo Fusco in this film is proof that the director has a distant vision as the great names of American cinema and at the same time led me in a plot that at a certain point I exclaimed: WOW. I thought of see a trivial story that told a trivial script, instead both writing and directing materialized a film of a certain level and that you enter in every moment of the film itself.
Ieva Lykos, in the character of Ester, interpreted a very difficult part and did so with such a realistic interpretation that the commotion took over. The rest of the cast, which has been played by actors of international renown, also made an important contribution, as much as to enrich the entire outline of the film. The scenography, the costumes and the photography are adapted to the context that has been told. It's a film to watch absolutely. I'll see it again.




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