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Release Date=2018

Description=Young girl is struggling with extreme shyness. She spends most of her time at home, thinking and dreaming. One day she receives a phone call from a distant friend and decides to give herself one last try in overcoming her fears. What is more - when the protagonist is stressed, her body starts to get covered with plants, which pace and power of growth is increasing with stress' level increasing. During the party, a young man approaches. He is trying to greet her, what is making her more and more panicked - and what comes with panic - the increasement of plants' growth. She's trying to escape the room or hide, but her behaviour is making more people stare. When she droppes the bottle, the noise the bottle makes is getting even more eyes to stare at her. She decides to escape to the only safe place she knows - inside of her head


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  1. Star - Vaibhav Reddy
  2. scores - 810 vote
  3. release Date - 2016
  4. genre - Sport, Comedy
  5. Tomatometer - 7,9 of 10