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year: 2015; Genre: Documentary; 51minutes; Liked it: 19 votes; USA

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Based on true incidents , Referred as the most violent Indian movie of the year Eka is first Indian movie to discuss the Intersex gender, person born with both male and female genitals. The movie is banned in India because of nudity, violence and political sensitivity. The movie is a queer subject as it also deals with atrocities against transgenders, transsexuals, LGBT and all gender minorities. In India due to article 377 of penal code gender minorities are facing a huge social problem. Eka is the story of an intersex persons bike journey through three states of India with her female friend. This is of course, not the story of the them. This is the story of the society which cant accept them. It is the war of a society to itself, so it got banned The movie discuss wide range of LGBT politics and body politics. Surely , a tough to watch movie, with strong socio-political stand

duration=1h, 50 Minutes

creators=Prince John

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Duration: 26 Minute 2017 Director: Yanai Arfi

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Directors - Jared Leto / Synopsis - A series of five short films that celebrate America's National Parks and the incredible adventurers who explore them / Documentary / tomatometers - 9,2 / 10 Stars

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Release Year - 2017; Miguel Alejandro Gomez; Cast - Renzo Rímolo, Boris Alonso; Brief - Amor Viajero is a movie starring Monserrat Montero Cole, Renzo Rímolo, and Boris Alonso. Gaby and Marco, a young couple, end their relationship right before leaving for a European vacation together; country - Costa Rica

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release year - 2014 star - Kristian Hodko runtime - 1 h, 47 Min Marko Nabersnik A story about a group of Austria-Hungarian soldiers in the 1st World War. They hold an artillery post in the mountains on the southern front to Italy. The group is cut off from their own troops and under heavy artillery fire from the Italian. When the post receives a fatal direct hit from a shell, killing the comrades, private Jacob Lindner and the seriously injured captain Jan Kopetzky are the only survivors of the post. Jakob has to suffer the madness of this hellish war in all its human atrocities. Without care, help from the command, food and water, to survive becomes an existential challenge. The young soldier tries desperately with humanity and dignity to save his and the injured captains life

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Star: Desmond Elliott
Writer: Chinaza Onuzo
5,2 / 10

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Genres=Comedy. Release Year=2018. Casts=Zachary Franczak, Steven Kenyon. USA